The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

In which our party beats the crap out of some cheap thugs

Our lovable rogue went in search of some much needed equipment upgrades. The Druid and Cleric tagged along while Ellawick was back at Azaera’s mastur- er, practicing her magic, or shopping, or something.

After using his excellent charismatic street skills, Emlin got word of a certain part of town where he could find magic items, otherwise difficult to obtain in the city of Charn.

At one point Gremond wonders aloud where the sorceress might be.

In a quiet street our three adventurers are attacked by two generic sentry thugs, whom they promptly beat the tar out of, bind and gag, rob blind, strip naked, and turn over to the local authorities.

At this point Gremond asks why they are at a party where they are being attacked, to which the cleric cuts him off. Or maybe I did. :D

Alec turns some of the money over to Pelor, and Emlin turns some of it over to some thief temple. Not sure who.




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