The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

1/28 Azaera's family heirloom is recovered

Emlin and Alec, after unfortunately losing track of their two companions, stumbled upon three people apparently falling through the floor of the Dwarven city/ ceiling of part of the sewers. The noise the group is creating draws the attention of a large gruesome undead creature. The half-drow and human ranger scramble down a rope to help the three in the sewer defeat the creature.

After killing the undead, Julias, Drachir, and Garath decide to follow Alec and Emlin, if not just to find a way out of the sewers. They explain that they were exploring the dwarven city to try to find out where the dwarves have disappeared to.

Coming to the part of the sewers below the city block where the necklace was lost, the group discovers a large circular pit with spiral stone stairs around the side leading down. The pit is unnaturally black and no one can see farther than a few feet in front of them while in the pit. Emlin also notes a faint, heavy sound coming from far down in the pit. Traveling downward, the party crosses two doors and finally comes to a third door with a ledge, where luckily the necklace has fallen onto. After recovering the valuable piece of jewelry, the group heads out of the sewers.

Upon reaching Azaera’s estate, the three newcomers are asked by the city guards to turn over any weapons they have on their person. They are introduced to the elven lady, who quickly hires Garath as a personal musician. Azaera is quite relieved to have her necklace back and the group is amply rewarded.

After some discussion, the group decides to stick together, on the premise that the reasons Emlin and Alec are in the city could possibly coincide with the missing dwarves. The group then promptly splits up to do some investigating.

Emlin learns that a certain wealthy debutante is hiring local thieves to steal elven heirlooms from local elves, usually wealthy elves with high social standing.

Julias speaks with Galadrian Stormstrider, who tells him some details about the elven jewelry that has been stolen, or attempted to be stolen.

Drachir and Garath speak with some local dwarves to see if they know why the Charnath dwarf clan seems to have disappeared. They are connected with Flint “The Cat” Gemcutter, a shifty looking dwarf who seems nervous but tells them the dwarves may have gone deeper into the mountains, and are involved with some unnamed evil.

Alec attempts to speak with the local guards and gets no helpful information. He talks with some locals he knew growing up who tell him where they know of strange animal deaths and mutilations in the area, as well outside the city walls.



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