The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

In which our Party tries to dick over a bunch of presumably dangerous pirates

After some debate in the now dead hag’s lair, our heroes collect everything remotely valuable they can carry and venture forth, passing kuatoas eager to reclaim the cave for their own.

They head back to town and deliver mageweed and notes about mageweed to various parties. Leaving their hard won loot with their wealthy elf patron, they head over to speak with Kassendra and proceed to lie through their teeth about how much treasure they found. She sees right through this and threatens them if they do not return with the promised treasure. The heroes rethink this whole making enemies of pirates and come back after a time with some treasure, and give the woman the location of the pirate ship.

They receive a message from Oliander about his discoveries deciphering the hag’s notes about mageweed. From what he can make out, there is a disturbing link to blood causing the mageweed to grow at a greatly increased rate, and to watch out for this if they discover other people/creatures involved with mageweed.

The party discusses heading towards Charn to investigate the place marked on the map they found in the sunken castle’s library.

What's Cookin', Horrid-lookin'?
A Hundred Ways to Serve Pirate

And thus the brave party did re-enter the Sunken Keep, now armed to defend themselves against the vile Hag’s most vicious aspect. While delving down, we found the Mageweed had started to re-grow in the first sunken cave. However, considering our duty to free this region of the Hag, it was decided that we would dispatch her before claiming our prize. Proceeding down, we returned to the magically sealed doorway hidden behind a statue upon a raise dais. Further searching revealed a small keyhole, with which the door was opened.

Beyond it, four undead minions, shambling zombies guarding the inner sanctum of the Hag. Again, Alec’s holy might sent the shambling menaces cowering, allowing Tenzin of the Wolfhammer Tribe to cleave through their rotting carcasses. Past the zombies, we came upon rough hewn cavern walls once more.

Tenzin and I set ahead to scout the immediate area. (To be fair, I was scouting. Tenzin was just… being Tenzin.) Some sort of clear, gelatinous monstrosity proved a short distraction. A living trap, perhaps, or a creature that stumbled upon a handy nest. Then, finally, we found ourselves in the largest of the underground caverns, though it was hard to tell as a stalagmite blocked our view ahead.

I snuck forward, hoping to gain a view around the rock obstruction. Unfortunately, my footwork wasn’t nearly as stealthy as it needed to be. The hag heard me, and immediately I found myself caught in her gaze. My body froze, I couldn’t think, couldn’t move. It was like my mind recoiled in immediate and absolute terror to go hiding in the depths of my consciousness. When I came to, the Hag was nearly down. And then she was dead.

Now, with her hateful presence no more, we set about exploring the chamber. It was connected to the ocean somehow. This being apparent due to the large quantity of water off to one side and the recently abandoned pirate ship floating there. When I first saw the beast, she was working over a cauldron set against the back wall. In it we found human remains, and a medallion featuring the crest of Jack Covington. On a table nearby was a book of Necromancy spells, and scattered about her person were a copious amount of gemstones. In the ship, the treasure of Jack Covington and a map.

Now we have to decide what to do with all of Covington’s junk, let the fishheads know about the death of hte Hag, get a living sample of Mageweed back to town, and not get ourselves killed by the local pirates.

What Next?
There's No Place Like Halfling

Upon rising the next morning, after an uneventful night of rest, the party set course for Syria. The plan being to return to the city, resupply, sell the loot from their previous venture, and then to set off for the keep once more. Shortly after finding the road to Syria, we encountered a traveling halfling also bound for the city. A few polite words later, and we found some impromptu work as his guards for the trip (with the chance to ride on his cart). Most fortuitously, this pleasant fellow, Gurdy by name, turned out to be supplying costumes and make-ups to the actor’s guild in Syria (where his cousin works). Specifically, he was bringing in a shipment for the new production to be put on.

At some point during the trip, Alac noted that his new old cloak had a little secret; in the form of an opal pendant hidden in a pocket.

The road to Syria was entirely uneventful. After parting ways with Gurdy (and receiving a nice bonus of twenty gold a head), we headed first to Alistair’s shop. Here we had the old git identify the opal pendant, along with the mysterious black gem pulled from the eye socket of the undead ogre, and the statue of the warrior. That otherwise innocuous little gemstone turned out to be the focus for some kind of scrying spell, through which a caster could observe a short radius visually but without sound. (Here, Emlin carefully wrapped the gem in black cloth and stuck it back in his pack.) Having a few pieces of more mundane, and violent, equipment to sell, we next went off in search of a blacksmith. We found Hargrim, a dwarf blacksmith in the docks’ market district.

At last, the party undertook the most important of our endeavors in the city: to find out more information on how to face and survive a Hag. Our inquiries eventually led as to the bartender back at the Rusty Squid. A little magic worked by the sorceress and we had all the bartender knew about them, which amounted to “get potions or scrolls of Death Ward.” Oh, and they apparently use little black gems to observe and guard their territory with scrying powers.

At Alac’s suggestion, we went to the local church of Pelor, and managed to bargain for three scrolls of Death Ward in exchange for a to-be-determined favor. Now, finally, the party is ready to re-enter the Sorcerer’s Sunken Keep. Or so they hope.

Exit, Stage Teleportation-Circle
What a scream!

A quick recap so far… The party ventured forth into the Sunken Keep in search for the Hag. Along the way, we encountered a cleric and wizardess. Continuing on, the party eventually found itself in a circular room, presumably a study. Centered in the room was a case containing a map of the region to the north with the wording “Here Be Dragons” written in Draconic (of all languages!). This study is a large circular room with eight doors and book cases built into the walls between each door. Emlin Deg perused the shelves for a few interesting tomes. In an otherwise unremarkable broom closet, the cleric, Alec, discovered a cloak, which he quickly donned.

In the course of systematically exploring each doorway, we found one which led off into rough-hewn rock, presumably a tunnel leading to the lair of the Hag. Another doorway led off into a room with a mystic circle inscribed in the floor. For some reason known only to her, the sorceress decided to just step into the circle. This had the benefit of informing the party that this was, in fact, a ring of teleportation. Unfortunately, it meant we all had to go through if we wanted to reclaim our ‘amputated’ party member.

Upon stepping into the ring, we each found ourselves in a cavern completely unattached the keep, but instead being several miles away along the coast in an otherwise unremarkable cavern. One can only assume this was the Sorcerer’s escape route. Setting off for the beach, the party made camp for the night. Whilst the party set camp, the rogue decided it most wise to scout the area. Nearby, atop a dune, Emlin found a pair of Kuatoa stealthily observing the party from amid the tall grasses.

(Perhaps misguidedly) Assuming they meant the party ill, he quickly drew from his pack the cursed chest, and flung it out in front of the hidden pair. As the chest landed, its top flew open, and the chest let forth its hideous wail. Luckily for Emlin, his plan worked as he’d hoped. The sudden noise distracted the kuotoa and attracted the attention of his party. In a flurry of action, the slimy duo was dispatched to the realms of their dark goddess. For the rest of the night, nothing of note happened.

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In the city of Syria a group of adventurers met through their mutual employer, Saevan silverleaf. He hired them to gather a specimen of the rare mageweed plant. The plant was rumored to grow in or around the ruins of a gigantic, partially sunken castle.


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