Gremond "The Grump" Arbor

Human Druid


S 10
D 16
C 14
I 13
W 17
C 10

F 7
R 5
W 8
Init 17
Spd 30’
AC 20


Gremond is a tall, bulky man somewhere in his 40’s, whose face shows a hard life in the wilderness.

He never knew who his parents were; apparently, his mother gave him up to a passing druid as an infant, and he’s been raised in the wild ever since. Jaren, the old druid, passed away a few years back, and now he’s in search of his parents, with the aid of his bison companion, Rumble.

In a small tavern in the middle of nowhere, he stopped for a quiet drink and became amused by the antics of a hyperactive gnome, and they became fast friends…

Gremond "The Grump" Arbor

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