Wandering professor from the Arcane University.


Absidia is young for a professor. She had graduated from the University in only two years, bringing many to question her academics. Immediately upon graduation she found work with the University teaching introductory courses. Having worked there for only 7 years, she has suddenly taken a leave of absence and has been reported in unusual areas all over the known world. Her life goals are not apparent, even to her colleagues and friends.

She is known for being very protective of those in trouble, which can cause significant trouble for a mage. While her intentions are usually good, her ways of achieving these goals can be bring trouble to others. In the end, she always tries to make peace or otherwise eliminate the problem at the source.

Absidia is also known for many unusual habits. In the morning she immediately enjoys a cup of hot tea, even if tea isn’t available. Many wonder why she clings to the old ceramic cup even when it does not contain liquid, sipping from it deliberately. She has also been known to argue with innkeepers, requesting a room with a fireplace or when one isn’t available that the Inn’s fireplace be extinguished before bedtime. She chooses to sleep in an fireplace whenever possible and when she isn’t able, she scatters dark ashes from a heavy leather bag upon the ground around her. She does not trust a fire burning while she sleeps, often sleeping far from a group on cold nights.


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