The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

What's Cookin', Horrid-lookin'?

A Hundred Ways to Serve Pirate

And thus the brave party did re-enter the Sunken Keep, now armed to defend themselves against the vile Hag’s most vicious aspect. While delving down, we found the Mageweed had started to re-grow in the first sunken cave. However, considering our duty to free this region of the Hag, it was decided that we would dispatch her before claiming our prize. Proceeding down, we returned to the magically sealed doorway hidden behind a statue upon a raise dais. Further searching revealed a small keyhole, with which the door was opened.

Beyond it, four undead minions, shambling zombies guarding the inner sanctum of the Hag. Again, Alec’s holy might sent the shambling menaces cowering, allowing Tenzin of the Wolfhammer Tribe to cleave through their rotting carcasses. Past the zombies, we came upon rough hewn cavern walls once more.

Tenzin and I set ahead to scout the immediate area. (To be fair, I was scouting. Tenzin was just… being Tenzin.) Some sort of clear, gelatinous monstrosity proved a short distraction. A living trap, perhaps, or a creature that stumbled upon a handy nest. Then, finally, we found ourselves in the largest of the underground caverns, though it was hard to tell as a stalagmite blocked our view ahead.

I snuck forward, hoping to gain a view around the rock obstruction. Unfortunately, my footwork wasn’t nearly as stealthy as it needed to be. The hag heard me, and immediately I found myself caught in her gaze. My body froze, I couldn’t think, couldn’t move. It was like my mind recoiled in immediate and absolute terror to go hiding in the depths of my consciousness. When I came to, the Hag was nearly down. And then she was dead.

Now, with her hateful presence no more, we set about exploring the chamber. It was connected to the ocean somehow. This being apparent due to the large quantity of water off to one side and the recently abandoned pirate ship floating there. When I first saw the beast, she was working over a cauldron set against the back wall. In it we found human remains, and a medallion featuring the crest of Jack Covington. On a table nearby was a book of Necromancy spells, and scattered about her person were a copious amount of gemstones. In the ship, the treasure of Jack Covington and a map.

Now we have to decide what to do with all of Covington’s junk, let the fishheads know about the death of hte Hag, get a living sample of Mageweed back to town, and not get ourselves killed by the local pirates.



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