The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

What Next?

There's No Place Like Halfling

Upon rising the next morning, after an uneventful night of rest, the party set course for Syria. The plan being to return to the city, resupply, sell the loot from their previous venture, and then to set off for the keep once more. Shortly after finding the road to Syria, we encountered a traveling halfling also bound for the city. A few polite words later, and we found some impromptu work as his guards for the trip (with the chance to ride on his cart). Most fortuitously, this pleasant fellow, Gurdy by name, turned out to be supplying costumes and make-ups to the actor’s guild in Syria (where his cousin works). Specifically, he was bringing in a shipment for the new production to be put on.

At some point during the trip, Alac noted that his new old cloak had a little secret; in the form of an opal pendant hidden in a pocket.

The road to Syria was entirely uneventful. After parting ways with Gurdy (and receiving a nice bonus of twenty gold a head), we headed first to Alistair’s shop. Here we had the old git identify the opal pendant, along with the mysterious black gem pulled from the eye socket of the undead ogre, and the statue of the warrior. That otherwise innocuous little gemstone turned out to be the focus for some kind of scrying spell, through which a caster could observe a short radius visually but without sound. (Here, Emlin carefully wrapped the gem in black cloth and stuck it back in his pack.) Having a few pieces of more mundane, and violent, equipment to sell, we next went off in search of a blacksmith. We found Hargrim, a dwarf blacksmith in the docks’ market district.

At last, the party undertook the most important of our endeavors in the city: to find out more information on how to face and survive a Hag. Our inquiries eventually led as to the bartender back at the Rusty Squid. A little magic worked by the sorceress and we had all the bartender knew about them, which amounted to “get potions or scrolls of Death Ward.” Oh, and they apparently use little black gems to observe and guard their territory with scrying powers.

At Alac’s suggestion, we went to the local church of Pelor, and managed to bargain for three scrolls of Death Ward in exchange for a to-be-determined favor. Now, finally, the party is ready to re-enter the Sorcerer’s Sunken Keep. Or so they hope.



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