The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

In which the party actually goes to a party, finally

After spending far too much time in the market district, our heroes finally head to the Elven Autumn Celebration, attending Lady Azaera, along the way, however Emlin Deg manages to wander off along the way.

While en route to the festivities, Alec notices an elf eying Azaera suspiciously. Figuring someone of her prominence has likely made several enemies, he keeps an eye on him, but little else. It then comes as a surprise when he bursts through the crowd and snatches the necklace from around Azaera’s neck. A brief scuffle ensues, ultimately culminating in Gremond “The Grump” Arbor getting frustrated, shifting into a fairly angry looking bear, and pinning the would-be thief beneath him. The result of this, much to the heros’ chagrin, is that the necklace bounces in the most unlikely of manners and falls into the sewers below the city.

With the crowd now in a full panic after seeing a bear appear in the middle of the city, Azaera suggests that now is not the time to attempt to retrieve the necklace, and she would prefer to not be around when the city guard inevitably appears. One well-placed mist cloud later, and the party escorts her and the captured thief down some side streets in a round-about path to the celebration.

Along the way, the villain is interrogated, and reveals that he was hired to steal the necklace and deliver it to a contact outside the city in two days time. Unfortunately, the villain was unable to positively identify his contact, noting only that he had shifting features, and was unable to identify the face. In a quick side-trip Alec and Ellawick “Beep” Nackal take the villain to a guard post for safe keeping.

Questioning Azaera about the true value of the necklace reveals that it is an elven heirloom, with deep symbolism & ceremony, and may contain significant magical properties.

Finally arriving at the midsummer festivities, hosted by Galadrian Stormstrider, the party mingles with the party goers. Most of the attendees are elven, and from Charn.

Inquiring after Torin Fastralli, an elf noble the party had met with briefly a few days prior, Alec learns that his reclusive nature is something of a curiosity among the elves here, but little more. It seems something of a social faux pas to pry deeply into the business of a social equal.

What little he is able to learn, however, is that prior to becoming a recluse, he had made money by holding contests and other events, as well as investing in the business & industry in Charn. His previous mistress, a somewhat oddly shy elf, notes that he had changed significantly, growing much more distant. She also indicated that she may be willing to discuss the matter further, but somewhere less public.

Meanwhile, Ellawick “Beep” Nackal continues to attempt to gain favor with the nobility and works her way into the group showing off their magical talents. While her own abilities are less showy, an application of cleverness, daring, and illusion manage to impress some observers.

Working the crowd as only an elf could, Emlin Deg schmoozes a number of guests to learn some valuable pieces of information. He learns that several elves have noticed their family heirlooms have been misplaced, or possibly stolen. This may be connected with the (attempted) theft of Azaera’s necklace. Additionally, it appears that a pattern of animal deaths & mutilation has arisen, possibly caused by some large, carnivorous, creature.

Following the festivities, our heroes rest for the evening, and resolve to retrieve Azaere’s necklace in the morning. This, however, proves slightly difficult. The sewers, as they learn, are not merely off limits, but also sealed off. Inquiries too the guards, and the church of Pelor to gain entrance to the sewer are fruitless, however Emlin does have some success convincing a palace servant let the party into the sewers.



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