The Sorceror's Sunken Dungeon

In which our Party tries to dick over a bunch of presumably dangerous pirates

After some debate in the now dead hag’s lair, our heroes collect everything remotely valuable they can carry and venture forth, passing kuatoas eager to reclaim the cave for their own.

They head back to town and deliver mageweed and notes about mageweed to various parties. Leaving their hard won loot with their wealthy elf patron, they head over to speak with Kassendra and proceed to lie through their teeth about how much treasure they found. She sees right through this and threatens them if they do not return with the promised treasure. The heroes rethink this whole making enemies of pirates and come back after a time with some treasure, and give the woman the location of the pirate ship.

They receive a message from Oliander about his discoveries deciphering the hag’s notes about mageweed. From what he can make out, there is a disturbing link to blood causing the mageweed to grow at a greatly increased rate, and to watch out for this if they discover other people/creatures involved with mageweed.

The party discusses heading towards Charn to investigate the place marked on the map they found in the sunken castle’s library.



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